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County History


Sandoval County was created March 10, 1903 from Bernalillo County. Bernalillo is the county seat. The north east part of Sandoval was taken in 1949 to form Los Alamos County. Sandoval County was named for the family who settled in this area. The first appearance of the name comes from Juan de Dios Sandoval Martinez, a native of Mexico City, who came with the Reconquest of 1692.  His immediate descendants dropped the “Martinez.”

Sandoval County was formed long after the Pueblo peoples settled New Mexico.  Seven pueblos and their people and traditions are a part of the county. Visit the Pueblo Cultural Center.

Cochiti Pueblo
Pueblo of Jemez
Sandia Pueblo
San Felipe Pueblo
Santa Ana Pueblo
Santa Domingo Pueblo
Zia Pueblo

Some towns of Sandoval County:
Bernalillo; Corrales; Cuba.; El Rancho; Jemez; Placitas; Ponderosa/San Ysidro.

Map of Sandoval County NM